Saturday, April 23, 2016

Senior Missionary Opportunity

Are you thinking about serving a senior mission? Here is a heart-felt plea from our good friends, Paul and Karen Sullivan. President Sullivan is serving as the Mission President in the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission. Previous to this mission, they were serving in the Asia Area office where we first met them. Here is their message:

Dear Family & Friends,

We are writing, asking for your help. Our mission is in need of Senior Couples. We are in desperate need for an 'Office Couple' starting the end of July. Senior couples have so much to offer: life experiences, church experience, knowledge, love and testimony. By serving a mission you could strengthen a branch, help develop future priesthood leaders, teach young adults and set an example of a happily married couple. 

You could teach the power of music in primary, how to teach without reading the manual verbatim, the beauty of self reliance and the power of freedom from addiction. The church is only 24 years young in Ukraine. A great foundation is being laid and strong, powerful examples of faithful members are needed. If you could pass the word to your friends, family, and acquaintances we would greatly appreciate it.

Our mission, Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission, does not have the charm of Europe, the ease and abundance of the U.S., the sophistry of Hong Kong. But we do have 54 amazing young men and young women who are dedicating 18 months to 2 years of their life who light up the room and will steal your heart. We have wonderful members who need to know how to build a strong righteous family. We need to build Priesthood leaders who know how to righteously lead. Young adults and youth are coming into the church without the support of family who need mentors. We have primaries with few children who need someone they can count on to be there each Sunday. We need those who are willing to hug, show compassion, offer smiles, speak a few Russian words and have an abundance of love to share.

It's not a cake walk. It takes faith to go into the unknown, a sense of adventure, computer literacy, a sense of humor and positive attitude and good health. As you do, we can promise you an abundance of blessings will flow of a deeper commitment to the Savior, of stronger love in your marriage, untold blessings to your children and grandchildren from your powerful examples and an amazing satisfaction from making a difference.

The timing may not be right for you at this time, but we would greatly appreciate it if you would ponder on those friends or family who may consider this opportunity. Feel free to forward this letter to them or give them our email address if they would like to discuss further or have any questions. 

(their email is:

With love and appreciation,
Paul & Karen Sullivan

President and Sister Sullivan with their missionaries.

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