Sunday, May 8, 2016

Missions Between Missions

Not all mission calls begin with “You are hereby called to serve as a missionary…” Some calls for those in their senior years, beckoned by the Holy Ghost, lead them to care for elderly parents, disabled family members needing particular assistance, or loved ones going through serious medical challenges.  Wherever their call takes them, it is sweetened by the power of the Spirit, knowing that they are serving as the Lord’s hands and feet in the care of loved ones or those in need. Before we started that "mission", we were blessed to be able to visit a number of our children and grandchildren.

The Oklahoma crew.
The Oklahoma crew.

The New York crew.

The New York crew.

Since coming home from our mission to the Asia Area office, some 7 weeks ago, we have been privileged to travel around to see many of our children and grandchildren scattered throughout the US.  We have a family reunion planned later in the summer and hope to have all 9 of our children and their families with us. We’ve held grandbabies, played games, gone on hikes, decorated Easter eggs, helped with homework, made Chinese paper fish lanterns, painted nails and much more as we’ve enjoyed spending time with so many members of our family.  Can’t wait to see the rest of them soon! We are looking forward to our reunion in June!

The Colorado crew.
The Idaho crew.

The Oregon crew.

Currently, we are helping Greg’s mom get her house in Oregon ready for sale in order to help her move later this summer.  We’ve been busy painting, trimming, fixing, organizing, packing, hauling, dumping, cleaning, and spending time with her. We especially enjoy being in the temple with her and going on walks together. 

It’s our mission between missions. And we are grateful for the opportunity.

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