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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Real Treasures in Roi Et, Thailand

Roi Et:

The mystic hollow ringing of the brass temple gong echoed through the air. Stroking and rubbing the brass knob in just the right rhythm will produce deep melodic buzzes or tones that carry your prayers to heaven.

Click HERE for a video of the ringing gongs.

We were at the Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol Naga pagoda.  Famous as one of the largest and most expensive Buddhist temples to built in the area, the treasure in this pagoda lies on the 5th floor at the top of a winding staircase.

Visitors worship before relics of Buddha preserved in a glass case.

Thousands of travelers, members and pilgrims come from miles around to offer prayers and offerings before the sacred relics of Buddha, lying in a glass case at the highest part of the temple.

We were in Roi Et to attend a large wheelchair distribution ceremony. Recipients and family members came to be trained in their wheelchair use and participate in the handover ceremony. 


The media was there also, and no wonder, because the Governor of the Roi Et Province, Somsak Changtraku (purple shirt, below), was one of the key note speakers.  He shared publicly his appreciation for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and explained how the government is working to make the community easier to get around for those who are disabled.  

The gentleman in the purple shirt is the Roi Et Provincial Governor,
with his entourage of media never far.

The head of Rotary, Krairat Watson, also spoke, praising the work of LDS Charities and the Church for the humanitarian work done throughout Thailand.  
Local priesthood leaders were in attendance, including local Stake President Amphorn and the local Bishop of the Roi Et Ward.  

Local LDS Priesthood leaders meet Krairat Watson, head of Rotary.
Each wheelchair had the recipients own name on it, having been made to their individual size and specifications.

Elder Coffey checks the legs of a wheelchair recipient, 11 year old Chinaway Wichaisorn.
Chinaway Wichaisorn, (11 years old, above) has weakness in his legs that has prevented him from ever being able to walk. Multiple visits to doctors and therapists have not been successful. Chinaway is in the the 5th grade and an excellent student - loving especially Thai classes, though he says he also listens to English. His last wheelchair was given to him when he was in kindergarten and he long ago outgrew it.  This new chair will be a great blessing to him and his parents as well.

With all the historic and cultural treasures in Roi Et, the real treasures are the people, who carry the Light of Christ with them wherever they go.  As sons and daughters of God, there is a connection we feel as brothers and sisters, linked together by sacred divine ties. Most people just want to be happy at home, with their loved ones around them.  We are grateful LDS Charities can help bring a little more happiness into their lives.

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