Sunday, November 1, 2015

Missionary Sabbath

You might call today a “Missionary Sabbath”.  It was a great day.  We left home at 9:15 am to make our way to the Kwai Fong chapel where we met for a “Finding” activity – our first for Elder Coffey and myself. We were formed into teams and sent out to various areas not too far from the chapel. Our mission – to find Filipinas in parks or subways and invite them to learn more about the Church – or attend Church with us. 

Elder Coffey and I went with the two full time sister missionaries to a nearby park and found Jena.  

Jena is a domestic worker, and has Sundays off.  Like all domestic workers, on their day off they are not allowed to stay in their employer’s home, but must stay outside in parks, street corners, subways or wherever they can until the day is over.  After visiting with Jena briefly, we invited her to take a quick tour of the church building, and invited her to join us for services at 2:00. 

She was thrilled to meet fellow Christians!  At 2:00 she came back, and to everyone’s delight, she already knew a friend – someone she had met in the Philippines before they came to Hong Kong.  She instantly felt at home surrounded by dozens of Filipina domestic workers, a friend to call her own, Christian fellowship, and the presence of the Spirit.

Jena fits right in with all the rest of these sweet sisters!

Jena and her friend Catherine

Today was also Mary Jane Mondragon’s last day with us (shown above in yellow). She is going home, and while we will miss her terribly, we are thrilled for her.  Jane is preparing for her own full time missionary service, so a full blown missionary farewell was given in her honor after church services. Lots of hugs, lots of photos, and tons of food. Jane is such a sweetheart and we just know she will be a fantastic missionary!

Mary Jane Mondragon with Elder and Sister Coffey

More photos - always more photos!
 And what would a missionary farewell be without food??????

Then of course comes the clean up - one more hour to go at the end of a long day - no paper products with this crew - everything is hand washed and hand dried.

Our bright and cheerful dish washer committee - all volunteers!

At the end of a long and very wonderful Sabbath day. Cleaning up from the farewell....
 We got home at 9:00 pm - nearly a 12 hour day. The Peninsula 3rd branch is probably the best branch in the entire Church!

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