Saturday, November 14, 2015

Humanitarian Projects in Thailand - Chiang Mai

Elder Coffey and I were given the opportunity to visit our humanitarian couples in Thailand and Lao. Elder and Sister Ellsworth serve in Thailand, and we traveled with them through Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khan Kaen and Roi Et. 

Chiang Mai:

After visiting with one of our key NGO partners in Chiang Mai, we 
traveled deep into the forest to the Maetaeng Elephant Park where the we became intimately acquainted with our new pachyderm friends.

The slow rhythmic lumbering took us through the jungle and into the river.  The elephant handler, perched comfortably on the elephant’s head, urged him forward with continual grunts, nudges and rocking from his body. 

Check out our You Tube video of the elephant ride at THIS LINK.

The Ellsworths on their elephant ride. Thanks for all the photos of us!!! 

The return trip back was by oxcart.

On the way to visit a branch member, we visited the terraced farms of the Chiang Mail hill tribe people.

Typical dress of the Hmong people.
Terraced farms are both practical and beautiful.

We visited the chapel in Chiang Mai, as well as the Elders apartment. 
Chiang Mai is a lovely area.

Elders Apartment in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Old City Wall

That night we visited a member of the Chiang Mai 1 branch – Somwang Singmainichau (we call him Brother Noy). Brother Noy is 33 years old and from Lao.  When he was 16 he was in a motorcycle accident. The damage from the accident has slowly led to infection in his leg. He joined the church later and came to Thailand for medical treatment for his leg. Doctors say they need to amputate his leg. Branch members and President and Sister Stokes of the Mission Presidency are helping him with his medical needs.  He is nervous about the upcoming surgery, but hopes with a prosthesis he can lead a more normal life.

As we traveled through the countryside of Thailand to the next project, we passed acres and acres of rice and sugar cane.  It is harvest season for the rice, and farmers and their families will spend hours hand harvesting in the heat and sun.

 Next stop - next post - Kohn Kaen for mosquito net distributions.

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