Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monster Floods in Pakistan and India

The heavy Monsoon across Pakistan and India during the first week of the September overflowed the major rivers in Kashmir and Punjab and killed more than 500 people and affected more two million people. The floods devastated homes, schools, hospitals and roads and still water is more than seven feet high in the villages and towns.  Crops of cotton and rice are totally destroyed and many water borne diseases are breaking out. This was the heaviest rainfall in 50 years.


Indian villagers watch flood waters flow beneath a collapsed bridge due to heavy rains at Tagdi village on Dhaduka - Bhavnagar Highway, some 110 kms from Ahmedabad on September 9, 2014 (AFP Photo / Sam Panthaky)

LDS Charities' emergency kits for flood victims
Partnering with another non-profit agency, LDS Charities is responding to this emergency with tens of thousands of dollars in food supplies and hygiene kits to the affected areas. They purchase the supplies as close as possible to the flooded region and local members of the church help pack the items into individual and family kits. Then they use local transportation to deliver the items to 700 families.  Each of these kits will amount to one week supply for a family of 5-6 people


Local Branch Leaders in Pakistan

A woman with her emergency items 

Helping load bags of rice

These kinds of emergencies go on all the time throughout the world, and there is no way we can keep up. But as we reach out and respond, hearts are lifted, wounds are healed, and lives are blessed. Since 1990 LDS Charities has donated over 3 million US dollars in India alone for emergency response. We are grateful for the local members who contribute their time and efforts in responding to their neighbors’ needs.  This truly is the work of the Savior as we seek out the poor and respond in whatever way we can.

There is much we can do wherever we are.  It doesn't have to be a worldwide emergency to catch our attention.  We can reach out to a widow, help a new overwhelmed mother with her family chores, or offer kind words to a child.  Wherever we are, we can "lift where we stand."  A smile and some encouraging words can mean just as much as a week’s supply of food for a flood-ravaged family.  It is all the work of the Master.

Lovin' our mission!

Elder and Sister Coffey

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