Monday, October 6, 2014

Emergency Surgery Amid Occupy Central Protests

On-lookers peering over blockaded fence to listen to street rallies
and pro-democracy speeches - Causeway Bay
Listening to street rallies
Occupy Central continues to engage people's lives throughout Hong Kong. Calm, clean, extremely polite and respectful protesters continue to patiently but firmly hold their own, even with fewer numbers, as many have to leave the scene to return to school or work.  But at night the numbers swell again. These peaceful students have earned a reputation around the world as the nicest protesters. They clean up their own trash, help bring in meals to the police and government officials, hold umbrellas over those guarding the situation, and share water, bananas and whatever they have with all those who come to help.  Even so, street fights, clashes with police, anti-occupy protesters and scuffles have been inevitable with thousands of people crowding the streets each night.  Some have been injured, some arrested. the roads have been  blocked, buses have been forced to stop running and schools have been closed.  But today, business and schools re-opened while a few students continue their protest for "universal sufferage".

Elder Coffey smiling because he's soon out of there!

And just in case we don't have enough excitement going on, in the midst of  the on-going protests, Elder Coffey was escorted to the hospital for emergency abdominal surgery on October 2nd. Thank you to our Area Medical Advisor, Elder Inouye, for helping get us there and knowing where to find expert medical care! Elder Coffey is recovering nicely and will be home tomorrow.  He expects to be back at work at the office in no time! No further complication or problems are expected.

The quality of medical care at the hospital has been excellent.  Different - but excellent.  To start his liquid diet after surgery, he was offered a choice of congee water or ginger water.  No jello and broth here!  Later he was upgraded to chicken consume with crab and braised tofu.  Seems to work!

Hong Kong Sanitorium and Hospital -
the tall blue-grey building

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  1. Oh dear! Though it's good to see him smiling with a good report I'm sorry to hear of your ordeal. We wish the very best for both of you. Sorry we're not around to bring him a good magazine. Prayers for a speedy recovery.