Saturday, May 17, 2014

Just Monkey-ing Around in Hong Kong

Missionaries are typically allowed one "P" day a week, a "preparation" day - or in other words - a day off.  Today was our first P day since last Saturday we were busy with a project and had to get it done.  But today we had free time, so we got brave, rode the subway and then the public bus into unknown territory, and successfully made our way to the Kam Shan County Park, home of thousands of free-roaming Rhesus and Long-tailed Macaque - also known as "Monkey Hill"!

They say that most of these monkeys probably descended from several released pets in the 1920's.   Many people love to come and feed them, even while ignoring the prominently displayed "Do not feed the monkeys" signs all over the place.  It is said they can become very aggressive if they think you have food. We went empty handed, and thus were largely ignored.

Dozens of monkeys came to check us out as we walked along the road.  Inside the 3.37 km2 park there are also beautiful trails, waterfalls, and wildlife. But besides monkeys, all we saw were butterflies and teeny frogs.


On the way home, we stopped by a noodle shop and enjoyed a delicious lunch - Hong Kong style!

Just monkeying around - here in Hong Kong!

Elder and  Sister Coffey

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