Thursday, May 8, 2014

Arriving in Hong Kong

We have arrived in Hong Kong!  It has been non-stop busy every second!  We have a small furnished apartment on the 21st floor of the HarbourFront Hotel, right on the harbor. 

 Our apartment faces the other way, however, so our view is a little more like this:

View from our apartment 

View from our apartment at night

A missionary couple has been assigned to escort us to and from the office, temple, stores, etc, until we can learn it on our own.  It is a little daunting.  A typical day includes walking, taking the shuttle, riding the ferry, taking the public bus under the harbor tunnel, and riding the train. We live on one side of the harbor and take transportation to the Hong Kong Island where the Asia Area offices are.  It takes 30-45 minutes depending on the time of day and the type of transportation chosen.  Ferries are cheapest and slowest, taxis are fastest and more expensive.

Several missionary couples have been assigned to feed us dinners at their apartments for a couple of nights until we can get time to get to the store.  We are being well cared for.

We met with Asia Area Presidency yesterday and got acquainted with all the office staff and missionaries.  There are about 15 Asia Area missionary couples living in several apartment buildings nearby.  They each have different assignments – Family History, Perpetual Education Fund, Member Leadership Support, Communication, etc.  Ours is Humanitarian.  We work in a beautiful building on the 8th floor:
Asia Area Office Building, 118 Gloucester Rd., Wan Chai, Honk Kong

We are still getting over jet lag, but should be up to speed in a day or two.  There is SO much to do with our assignments!  More later!
Elder and Sister Coffey

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