Sunday, May 11, 2014

First Sunday in Hong Kong - Philippine Branch

What an experience!  Today was our first day to church.  We've been assigned to the Philippine Peninsula 3rd Branch, or "Penn 3" as they call it.  Filled with mostly domestic workers whose families are still back in the Philippines, these sisters have incredible faith even while often amid tragic stories of survival. 

There are several chapels throughout Hong Kong.  Here we are standing at the entrance to the Church building where Penn 3 meets. 

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day and all the sisters wanted a group photo!

The Primary came in to Relief Society to sing – all 5 of them!  Two of these little ones come from non-member parents – they just send them to Church with their domestic worker, also not a member of the church – because it is a good place to go.

Then the Relief Society handed out candy for Mother’s Day – everyone wanted some!

Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious meal with everyone in the branch – rice, eggplant, won ton thingy’s, chicken wings, fruit and cake.  They have group meals after church twice a month – a “linger longer” event. The below photo is Japanese-style eggplant in a slightly spicy sauce - it was delicious!

The Philippine sisters are extremely, extremely friendly, loving, social, bubbly, huggy, talkative –  you wouldn't know they suffer from often tragic backgrounds.  Our role in the branch is to offer support, love, and strength.  This has been a wonderful day.  Happy Mother's Day to all my daughters and daughters-in-law, friends and loved ones!  Life is good here in Hong Kong serving the Lord's daughters in the Penn 3 Branch.

Elder and Sister Coffey

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