"A man filled with the love of God is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race." Joseph Smith

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas in the Pen 3 Branch

Christmas is a time for family.  For most of the sisters in the Peninsula 3rd branch, like us senior missionaries, family is far away.  But there is a bond in the Pen 3rd branch that ties us all together in one large family - as is evidenced by the smiles on their faces!

Last Sunday our enrichment activity in the Peninsula 3rd branch was getting some of these fleece blankets ready - rolling them up and tying with a ribbon and a Christmas card.  We prepared 80 blankets.

Today is Christmas. Our sisters are required to spend holidays outside their employers' homes - all day, out on the streets. So the church opens up and they come to spend the day, with service, food, games, songs and celebrations.  
Our Christmas service project was to take the blankets to the nursing home (shown behind us, with red lettering), across the street from the Kwai Fong chapel. It's a nursing home quite different than anything we have seen before. The kitchen for the nursing home is on the ground floor, and the residents live upstairs on the second floor. In very humble conditions.

Stairs up to the second floor to the nursing home.
The residents were waiting for us.

Their individual "rooms" are just big enough for a small bed, partitioned off with partial dividers.

This room was a bit bigger.
We greeted some of the residents.

Elder Ball plays Santa.

Sister Smart, our Branch President's wife, grasps the hand of one of the residents.

Elder Coffey is welcomed by one of the women waiting for our arrival.

After greeting some of the residents, the singing began.

Singing with gusto

The blankets were handed to each resident personally. They loved them!

Elder Coffey shares a Christmas card and blanket.

These ladies insisted on getting the orange blankets!

Back at the church, after a wonderful Christmas program,
 the feasting and games began!

These faithful members of the Pen 3 branch are far from home and loved ones this Christmas. Yet they sing as they serve - grateful for their Lord and the blessings of His gospel in their lives.

Therefore, for them and for us, our Christmas will be a gift of new traditions, new smells, new tastes and music, new laughter, and new memories as we serve those who have also left home and family many miles away.

We miss our family back home, grateful for Viber and Skype, and are grateful for their support and love. We are grateful for the blessings of the Christ Child, who brought to us all things sacred and treasured. 

May your Christmas be a gift of all things sacred and treasured, all things sought, as we continue our journey wisely seeking Him whose greatest gift will bring us Home.

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