"A man filled with the love of God is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race." Joseph Smith

Thursday, March 5, 2015

"The Art of Doing Nothing"

“The Art of Doing Nothing”. Recently this title to an article in a local paper caught my attention.  Pictured beneath the heading was a photo of a luxurious resort overlooking a crystal clear bay. Palm trees lined several infinity pools as stretches of white sand and dramatic cliff outcroppings created the perfect backdrop.  Mmmmmm – sounds dreamy…..

“The Art of Doing Nothing.” Imagine – stretching out on a lounge chair beneath the gentle breezes with a good book, with nothing but the wind to tousle your mind.  Or stretching out in front of the 72 incher in your private suite to watch the latest reality show in 3D high definition. With a root beer in your hand, of course!

Or traveling to some exotic far reaching part of the unexplored earth.

Or giving unending love and cuddles to adoring grandchildren.

Or to adoring pets.

Or just kicking back and enjoying doing nothing.

Is it possible to really do nothing?

We breathe. We think.  We move.  Time ticks.

In the season of our lives where we may have a little more discretionary time, I submit it is the perfect time to enjoy every bit of the above activities.

Plenty of time to read a Good Book.  Or two or three. 
With the Spirit tousling your mind. 

Or watch reality shows as they unfold right before your eyes!

Prosthetic recipient in Myanmar - many people lose their legs from mines left over from wars.

Eye surgery patient in Sri Lanka

Discover the most exotic places on earth.
A "Holy Man" greets us in the village in Nepal

Give unending love and cuddles to adoring children 
who need what you can share.
Children greeting us in Myanmar before the completion of a water project-
bringing them clean drinking water for the first time. 

Helping this young man get outfitted with his very first wheelchair in Nepal.

Teaching neo-natal resuscitation to pediatricians in India so that newborns' lives can be saved.

Providing newborn kits in Sri Lanka so these babies don't have to go home from the hospital wrapped in newspaper.

Or pets in desperate need of your help.
This water buffalo in Nepal suffered from lack of water  until LDS Charities brought fresh water to this village.

Or just kicking back and enjoying doing nothing – but really - 
where’s the fun in that?!

Emergency aid response in Sri Lanka following severe flooding.

Flood relief  to a woman in Pakistan 

Yes, "The Art of Doing Nothing" is a great notion.  Just not sure how rewarding or helpful that would be.  

Somewhere in this world there is a mission with your name on it.  Whether you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or some other church or faith, or no faith at all - there is a mission somewhere with your name on it.  Click HERE to learn about LDS mission opportunities. Watch a video HERE of the joys this kind of service can bring.

So enjoy "The Art of Doing Nothing".  Then discover "The Art of Doing". 

"I am come that they might have life, 
and that they might have it more abundantly."  
John 10:10

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