Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nepal Photo Highlights

Earlier we posted about our wheelchair distribution project in Nepal. Here are some other highlight photos of our trip which we took in November.  For details of our wheelchair distribution, click here:  Wheelchairs in Nepal

A grandmother and grandfather traveling on the plane from Kathmandu to Pokhara.  I loved her nose rings and they were gracious enough to have a picture with us.

The trendy place to be - Nepal is all about outdoor activities - from para sailing, jungle cruises, and of course - trekking!

View from the window of our hotel, showing the lake in the distance and laundry on the rooftops.

View from the hotel, other direction.

Woman waiting for boat ride to the sacred island in the center of the lake.  The island has a sacred Hindu shrine
that attracts many tourists.

Hike up the village road to Annapurna Mountain look out point.

Village woman bringing refreshments for early morning mountain viewers.  Tourists from all over the world enjoy the views of the Himalaya Mountains, Annapurna being one of the most famous.
Mt. Everest is not seen from here - it is behind these mountains.

Himalaya Mountain Range - Annapurna Mountain

You roll these sacred prayer wheels to the left to invoke blessings.

We met up with Bishnu Adhikari, from Meet the Mormons movie.  He's an active member of the branch in Kathmandu, and the former branch president.  He is one of our key humanitarian partners in Nepal.

Former baptismal font where this branch member was baptized as a young boy.

"New" baptismal font

In a village near Kathmandu, this "holy man" came up the road to greet us.  Turns out, we were told, he is a fake holy man, one who poses as a Hindu monk and goes begging from house to house.  His tactics work - our group paid him for his willingness to have a photo with us!   I love the robes and colors!

Woman at the Hindu and Buddhist temple.  One temple - multiple faiths.

Woman are the work horses in Nepal.  Here a young man fills the basket with bricks for the woman to carry up several flights of stairs for a building construction project.  

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Selling fruits on the street

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