Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Visit to the Coffey's Mission Apartment - Come in for a Tour!

We had this idea that senior missionaries live in very "austere" conditions. Before our mission, as we contemplated this, we thought - "Bring it on!"  But as we checked other senior missionaries' blogs in other countries and saw pictures of their nice apartments, we wondered how come they got to live in such nice places!  

Then we came to Hong Kong!

Welcome to Harbor Front Horizon Hotel/Apartments in Hung Hom, Hong Kong!

View of our apartment at night - Hong Kong Harbor right outside our window.
 We watch everything from sail boats to cruise ships glide past our window.

View from our apartment at night   

At about 650 square feet, these apartments border on the luxurious side by Hong Kong standards. Many apartments in the city are only 350 square feet!  The very wealthy have much larger places, but nearly all places are apartments in high rises like ours.  So, with our "large" apartment, we cozy up and enjoy less to mess and less to clean.

Truly a "one person" kitchen and laundry room.
The dishwasher-looking-like-thing is  actually
the washer and dryer -  an all-in-one unit that takes
 2-3 hours to complete a cycle!

A peek into the washer-dryer unit.

When the dryer doesn't really do its job properly,
we have this high tech drying rack
which always performs well -
just give it enough time.....

Dining room

Living room and theater room and kitchen pantry all in one!
What more could you ask?

When you want more drinking water, you just set your empties outside your door, call in an order, and when you return later in the day new ones are waiting for you.  Courtesy of the Church - one of the fringe benefits.  We also don't pay for utilities, garbage, lawn care, taxes, association fees, repairs, maintenance, or furniture. 

Nor for the view, pool, on-site gym, sauna, and free shuttle service! Just the rent. 

While we haven't seen how all seniors live, we have seen the humanitarian missionaries' apartments in Myanmar and Nepal.  The senior volunteers are all living in very comfortable, safe apartments - with some being outright beautiful.  Seniors are well cared for. The Mission Department want us to like our missions - and to come back!

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