Thursday, January 1, 2015

10,000 Buddhas Monastery

Not a real monastery, and actually with 12,800 Buddhas, the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery is a popular attraction for tourists and worshipers alike.  With this many statues, you are bound to find some that you like!  To celebrate the New Year on this January 1, 2015, Elder Coffey, Kristi and I hiked up the trail to the main hall surrounded by Buddhas on every side.

Can you find Elder Coffey and Kristi?

A few of the interesting poses and scenes:

Photo by Elder Inouye

Photo by Elder Inouye

A banquet of offerings for the gods

Flames leap around burning incense which fills the air.

Monkeys hang out in the nearby trees, and if you are lucky, you may see one looking for a handout. If you are unlucky, your monkey will snatch the bag of food right out of our hands and make off with a haul.


The 10,000 Buddhas Monastery is located at Sha Tin, not far from the MTR.  Entrance is free, and there is a little vegetarian restaurant if you want to try out some of the food.  Be prepared to walk up lots of steps as the whole monastery is built on a steep hill.  The views of the city are stunning!

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