Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Bird Garden - a Play Group for Birds

Taking a break from the demanding mission work - time to visit the Bird Garden.

The entrance to the Bird Garden - you can tell it's going to be a lovely place!
The Bird Garden, or Bird Street, is several blocks of all kinds of exotic birds for sale.  A pet bird is a prized possession, especially among older men.  They even take them on "walks" to get fresh air - carrying their cages carefully as they stroll along the street.
A dazzling array of cages to choose from, ranging from simple to very ornate.
One of the more ornate ones we saw - nothing too good for your bird!

This little one has a beautiful cage! Notice the intricate carvings.
Grey pink parrot.

Men like to come to the Bird Garden with their pet birds.  They hang the cages up and let the birds visit with each other while they chat away or just sit and listen to the singing.  Kind of like a Bird Play Group! 

Bringing his bird to the Bird Garden play group!

The birds seem to enjoy all the attention,
 fresh air, and socializing with the other birds.

Waiting for new homes.

This man was working on the ceramic bird feeding bowls, attaching cork blocks
to hook onto the cages.

These little canaries are about $84 apiece.  And they sing beautifully!

Checking out the little canaries.
This woman is transferring the canaries from the
smaller cage to the larger one for feeding time.
 They get to eat seeds,  whereas the larger birds eat
 something a little more - "fresh".

Yummy worms, live crickets or grasshoppers are the food of choice for some birds.  The live grasshoppers are either fed by chopsticks to the birds, or wired to the side of their cages for a scrumptious and very fresh treat.

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