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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Giving People Hope, Giving People Life

LDSC has donated tens of thousands of wheelchairs, walkers and prosthetics to those in need all throughout Asia.  We are grateful for the partners we have in those countries that help make this possible, and for all the contributions made by ordinary people all over the world to the humanitarian fund.  It is rewarding to see the recipients faces and their gratitude.

A recent recipient of an LDSC wheelchair in Vietnam

Elder and Sister Sippel are one of our humanitarian couples in Myanmar. Recently they attended a ceremony at the delivery of prosthetic legs - this project was a partnership between Latter-Day Saint Charities and Shwe Minn Tha Foundation, and the prostheses recipients of 86 legs, in Danubyu Township.  The Chief Minister over Ayeyarwady Region, Oo Dane Aung and the Township Administrator Oo Sing Maw attended and spoke at the ceremony, as did Mr. Myat Thu Winn, President of the Shwe Minn Tha foundation.  Many of the prostheses recipients also attended and were presented with their new legs.  Here is a picture of the 86 prosthetic legs that were presented that day.

86 prosthetic legs, made to order.  Notice the LDSC logo on the upper left of the banner.  

After the ceremony, Mr. Winn and Elder Sippel were interviewed by the Sky Net Television Station, and the interviews were broadcast the following evening. The Chief Minister thanked Latter-Day Saint Charities and spoke of all the good work done by LDSC.  "He expressed how much he appreciated us coming, and giving our time and support to his country."

The pictures say it all.

Each recipient receives her new leg, and has a chance to walk without crutches for the first time in her life.

A big smile for this girl as she receives her prosthetic leg.

Many people in Myanmar lose limbs due to hidden mines in the fields left over from previous wars. Some lose limbs from accidents or illness.  Getting a prosthetic leg can make all the difference in the world to them - allowing them perhaps for the first time to get a job or go to school. 

One recipient earlier explained it this way.  "When you receive a wheelchair, you get hope.  When you receive a prosthetic leg, you get a life."

Loving our mission!

Elder and Sister Coffey

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