Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scenes of Myanmar

We are currently visiting the country of Myanmar for a couple of days to see some of the projects being done in the country. Mynamar is fascinating.  Here are a few of the scenes along the streets:

Oncoming traffic as we were trying to go the opposite direction...
As the car inched along in traffic, this boy begged for his daily fare...
The buses were full to overflowing. Inside, outside and even on top, if you can hang on you can hitch a ride. Yangon has a population of about 6 million people.

This woman is wearing thanaka on her face.  Thanaka is a cosmetic paste made from the bark of the Thanaka tree.  It is made by rubbing the bark into fine powder and adding water.  Applied to the face and sometimes the whole body, it is believed to help promote clear beautiful skin,
and wearing it  is considered a sign of beauty.

We arrived in time for the start of the rainy season!
The roads flood within minutes when the rain starts.
And we tried mangostein - white juicy segments inside that are very tasty!

Next post - our trip to the village to visit Latter-day Saint Charities clean water project for the school.

Elder and Sister Coffey

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