Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Clean Water for Seikyi Kanaco, Myanmar

We went to visit a school in a very rural village outside of Yangon.  It took about two hours to get there.  Passing rice fields and Burma cows, we eventually came to a dirt road that was impassable for our air conditioned minivan.  We were given a motorcycle escort for the rest of the trip.

The impassable bridge, where we switched to motorcycle escorts
 for the rest of the journey to the village.

The road to the village, complete with a stone sidewalk on the right hand side
 - for those rainy days!
Finally we got to the village and their school. This school has 560 students with 18 teachers. They knew we were coming to inspect the clean water storage system Latter-day Saint Charities (LDSC) helped install.  We were greeted with a warm welcome.

The village school in Seikyi Kanaco, Myanmar.  You probably won't find it on the map.

The children are wearing thanaka on their faces, a sign of beauty and a skin protection.  

We were first treated to refreshments.  

Visiting the classrooms, the students were hard at work, when they weren't laughing and
smiling at us and reaching out to shake our hands.

They presented gifts to each of us.  The banner behind us has LDSC listed as one of the partners for the clean water project.
Elder and Sister Hobbs
Elder and Sister Sippel
Elder Fronberg and Elder Steiner
Receiving a gift from the Head Mistress of the School, Kanyein Yi

Wells are often not an option in this location, so an above ground storage unit for collecting rain water helps bring clean drinking water to the children.  To the left, below, is the old water storage tank where murky pond water was used for drinking.  To the right, below, is one of the new water storage units. 

Students drinking from one of the many drinking water containers.
Notice the round LDSC logo on the side of the barrel.

Greg visiting with Kanyein Yi,
Head Mistress of the school
Elder Hobbs trying out the washing station.

Elder and Sister Coffey


  1. Why do the kids look like they got into a flour fight?

  2. Thanaka - it's a paste made from tree bark - it is a sign on beauty and a skin protector!