Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tapestry of Life - YSA+ Conference 2017 Vietnam

Over 50 young people attended this year’s Young Single Adult Conference in Vietnam, coming either on Friday night or throughout the day on Saturday, August 25-26, 2017.  The bright orange conference t-shirts were a big hit and were proudly worn throughout the two-day event.

Many faced challenges of employment schedules or traveling long distances to the Thao Dien chapel, but in spite of the difficulties faced, the young people were excited to come and share the event with their friends.

The conference began on Friday evening with an opening address from Sister Pia Bejar, a guest speaker from Canada who is originally from the Philippines. She introduced the theme of the conference – The Tapestry of Life – and reminded the young people of their interwoven dependence upon faith, prayer, scripture study, temple and family history work, and church attendance.

Following her remarks was a dance workshop by senior missionaries Elder and Sister Coffey.  Some of the YSA’s were initially a little dubious about dancing together, but soon everyone was laughing and joining in on the fun, learning several country round dances and a line dance.

On Saturday morning, the YSA’s were blessed by a special message from Elder David F. Evans of the Seventy.  Elder Evans, a member of the Asia Area Presidency, spoke on how the seemingly small decisions we make in our lives can have enormous consequences throughout the years.  He shared the importance of making proper decisions regarding missionary service, marriage, education and career. After his remarks, he visited with a number of the YSA’s before leaving to catch his flight.  The YSA’s were very grateful for his presence and for his message.

Other events throughout the day included workshops on dating and eternal marriage, team building activities, and group games.  Sister Pia Bejar spoke again sharing her personal life story leading to faith in Jesus Christ and self reliance, and encouraged the young adults to cultivate their God-given talents to reach their full potential with their personal lives and their families.

Oncoming rain caused a cancellation of the outdoor service project, but the movie The Testaments was the backup plan. By the end of the film, many had tears in their eyes as they contemplated the love of their Savior.

The evening closed with the sharing of testimonies and heartfelt stories of growing faith. Many conference attendees, after hearing Elder Evan’s message, felt a strengthening of their faith and a desire to move forward and remain faithful.

Another young person shared that at first she didn’t think an education was important for her life, but after the conference messages she committed to better preparing for her future. Many bore testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

The blessings of young adults coming together for fellowship, fun and the building of faith can lead to lasting friendships and strengthening of testimony.  We are grateful for the opportunity of working with the YSA leaders who organized the conference. The Spirit was strong.

One of our very capable translators
Happiness that cannot hide!

Happiness that cannot hide!

The senior missionary sister from the Thao Dien branch took photos for the conference.

Testimony and faith that cannot be hid.

The interweaving of faith, friendship and fun.

Photo booth of heaven in a picture.

The creator of the photo booth backdrop.
Lots of rain created a small lake - we couldn't get to the service project site.

But they had fun anyway!

The YSA leaders of the three branches (plus one of their sisters) - great planners for the event.

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  1. Thank you for all of your posts! It is a rare and inspiring treat to share your mission in this way and to have a window into the lives of the wonderful saints and people of Vietnam. You are gifted in sharing testimony! We love and miss you!