Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vietnam Hanoi Mission Conference

Elder Coffey is taller than everyone in line!
It’s technically not the rainy season yet in Ho Chi Minh City, but torrential downpours delayed commercial flights last week, setting us quite a bit behind schedule on our trip to Hanoi.  We were on a trip to the nation’s capital in the north to enjoy a missionary conference for the Vietnam Hanoi Mission.  But the airport was modern, clean and air-conditioned, so the long wait was pleasant.

We finally boarded, found our window and middle seats and took our spots on the plane.  An older man came and sat in the aisle seat beside us.  This must have been his very first flight.  He was so excited about everything.  The seat belt was a novelty.  The view outside Elder Coffey’s window filled him with wonder as he stretched himself out over me straining to see.  It was like Christmas morning and he was filled with unrestrained excitement.  The stretching over me and the straining to see continued for some time, until finally Elder Coffey decided the man deserved the window seat more than he did.  Offering it to him, the man jumped up without a second’s thought and took the window seat with unashamed enthusiasm. 

It was actually quite endearing.  He hugged the window the entire rest of the trip.

Due to the delays, we had time to tour only one of Hanoi’s tourist spots before heading to the hotel.  Hoan Kiem Lake was our point of destination. The Huc Bridge gleamed beautifully under the lights at dusk.  The red bridge leads to Jade Island, home of the Temple of the Jade Mountain. It was like stepping out of the bustling crowded city into a paradise apart from the world.
Reflections on Hoan Kiem Lake

The offerings to the gods were lavish and colorful.
Interesting that one of the offerings
 was a pyramid of Choco Pies...

The next morning found us at the Hanoi Chapel.  I am still in awe to think we have branches of the church in Vietnam. 

Nearly every missionary and missionary couple in Vietnam was in attendance.    

Vietnam Hanoi Mission March 18, 2017
We were blessed to receive training from our leaders.  It was wonderful to see them again - we had worked with several of them while on our mission in the Hong Kong Area Office.
Lunch break between sessions

Sisters in the Gospel

 "May the Kingdom of God go forth,
 that the Kingdom of Heaven may come".
Doctrine and Covenants 65:5

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