Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Temple Sabbath in Hong Kong

The LDS temples are sacred places set apart from the rest of the world - kind of like a bit of heaven on earth.  A place to make sacred covenants with the Lord that bring peace, joy, and strength in this life and great blessings for eternity.

Two of our dear Filipino sisters in the Peninsula 3rd branch prepared themselves for the day when they could go to the temple for the first time and receive those promised blessings. Working 6 days a week, with Sunday being their only day off, getting to the temple was not an easy plan.  LDS temples are typically closed on Sundays.

But Sunday, May 17th, was one of those special days when the temple was open on a Sunday.  (for more information about Temple Sabbaths - click here - Hong Kong Temple).  Rona Pelongco and Jane Mondragon were among those wonderful sisters who came to the temple and received those great blessings in the House of the Lord.

Sister Coffey with Rona (left) and Jane (right)

Elder and Sister Coffey outside the temple with Rona and Jane

Words cannot fully describe the joy that is experienced on these days by these special sisters.  But Rona's words come very close.  Here she describes her feelings following her experience in the temple:

"No hard goal to fulfill if you have the "DESIRE & WILLINGNESS"....Today one of my GOAL had fulfill that I thought it was impossible for me to make it, but Heavenly Father did help me to find a way, gives me instructions & peoples to meet to help me work hard for my endowment...smile emoticon

Today is one of my remarkable day & year of my life, though struggles will more occur on my way i will try to stand firm, strong & faithful to my Creator & my Savior to stay & follow his will & counsel of my church leaders to lift me up spiritually to resist temptation. I will never be perfect but at least i will try to be a better person that will enjoy the Life i have, feel content to what i have with integrity, sincerity & honesty to share blessings, wisdom by serving others or be an example. It took 24 years for me to fulfill this goal but as my escort said Sis. Ling Ling Cacayorin its never too late but its done in the right time that our Heavenly Father prepared it for you to get it done, I really can't explain my feeling of joy today but one thing is for sure i will always keep this special day in my heart & in my memory forever. I feel strengthened & full of joy in my heart. I love my Creator, my Savior & I love & feel grateful of being ME!!!:D"

                Jane made this collage to express her feelings of gratitude.
Jane also expressed her feelings with these special words: " The week before my endowment, a parable about the prodigal son came to my mind.. It’s a similitude of how Heavenly Father accepts me again as His daughter. I'm like the son of this parable who asked for his part for his father’s treasure... I ask Heavenly Father to let me do what I ever know best for myself that I can handle myself ... but all of those years I was lonely and longing for Heavenly Father’s acceptance and guidance. As my heart turned to Him again I decided to repent and ask for forgiveness. Little by little I felt the light and love from God.. that leads me to continue to do more according to His will... as like the father of prodigal son he prepared first and everything for His son that came back to his life.  As Heavenly Father gave me all the ways to accept all His blessings.  I know this is the right time that I should move forward to more in God’s plan.  I'm happy that I have a lot of families, my own family, my inspiration , my Pen 3 family - each member contributed to my happiness each day here in Hong Kong that they set good examples and teach me a lot and show their love and trust. I love God. He knows our hearts desire - just wait for His timing to answer our prayer.  I am thankful and blessed that I receive my endowment. I will never forget the feelings that I have that day. And it reminds me now to continue more my life according to God’s will, to serve others and to share what I have now."   

Aren't they adorable?  We just love our sisters of the Pen 3 branch and
 are so blessed to be in their presence each week!

Some of the Peninsula 3 branch members outside the temple on the Temple Sabbath 

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