Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sunrise on the Himalaya Mountains

On November 22nd we traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal.  We have two humanitarian couples living there, and we visited them to see the projects they are doing and how things are going. Elder and Sister Wasuita and Elder and Sister Valentine love living in Nepal and are doing amazing things there. They are the ones who actually do the real humanitarian work – we just play with computers back in Hong Kong!  They are amazing people.  Also going with us was the Area Welfare Manager, Patrick Cheuk.  And we met up with Elder and Sister Brown from Utah.  They are Asia Area wheel chair specialists, and fly out to Asia often to train people in proper wheelchair assessments and fittings before the wheelchairs are delivered to recipients. We were among those to be trained.

Our humanitarian team on the way to Pokhara
Once we all met up in Kathmandu, we flew to Pokhara, Nepal where the wheelchair training was to take place.  This sweet grandpa and grandma were flying with their children to Pokhara, and joined us for a photo.

I loved her nose rings!

Early in the morning before our first day of training, we took a van up the mountain as far as it would go, then hiked a very longs ways up a steep winding dirt path through a mountain village, till we came to a look out point  with a small shelter. 

The steep trail up the mountain
The steep village road to the Annapurna Viewpoint

At the Annapurna Viewpoint

Here a small group of early morning hikers gathered to watch for the sunrise on the Himalaya Mountains.

The snow capped Himalaya Mountains come into view as the sun burns away the morning clouds and mists.

This woman offered tea and snacks to those who came to watch the sunrise

The clouds were thick in the distance at first, obscuring our view, but as the sun rose it melted away the mists and slowly the majestic Himalaya Mountains came into view.

Kathmandu and Pokhara rarely get snow.  They are down in the valleys and are a very moderate temperature.  People usually think Nepal is all cold and snow-covered, but many parts are green and fertile with relatively mild temperatures year round.  

Nepal is a vacationers paradise.  People come from all over the world for trekking, climbing, para sailing, rafting, or enjoying the zip-lines, jungle safari's, and gorgeous mountain views. The streets of Pokhara are brimming with everything you need to outfit you for a successful experience. 

Welcome sign at Pokhara airport

Jackets, walking sticks, backpacks, hats, gloves - they have it all.

All the fun places you can go!

Silk, wool, pashmina and cashmere scarves and sweaters 

This woman lives in the Tibet Refugee Camp 13 kilometers from Pokhara and comes here daily
 to sell her jewelry on the street.

Next post - the giving out of wheelchairs to those in need.

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