Monday, November 17, 2014

"The Higher Place of the Temple"

Latter-day Saint temples are not like our regular chapels in that they are actually closed on Sundays. Open most other days, on Sundays the temples are quiet, while our regular chapels are bustling with activity from Sunday services, meetings, friends greeting friends, and families worshiping together.  But once a quarter, the Hong Kong temple is open on a Sunday.  This special occasion is set aside for those domestic workers here who have Sunday as their only day off from work and have no other day to attend the temple. 

This past Sunday was once again one of those sacred days.  After church services in the chapel across the street, grateful Philippine and Indonesian sisters filled the temple to capacity. Elder Coffey and I serve in one of the Philippine congregations (called a branch), where four of these special women attended the temple for the very first time.  Tears of joy flowed freely as they felt Heavenly Father's sweet peace and love surround them in that holy place. We are so humbled and grateful to be able to have been a part of their special day.  

Invitation one of the sisters made to announce their special day.

As one of the sisters said, we love being in "the higher place of the temple."

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  1. Is there still a chapel inside the temple or just across the street?

  2. When we left Hong Kong in March 2016, there was still a chapel inside the temple building.