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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recovery Center in Beijing

We have two humanitarian volunteer couples living in China – one in Beijing and another in Shanghai.  Elder Coffey and I spent a week visiting them and the NGO’s that Latter-day Saint Charities partners with in those cities.  

Earlier this year the President of China, Xi Jinping, visited a nursing home in Beijing and expressed his wishes that nursing homes throughout China develop “recovery centers” – a place where residents can use specialized equipment to strengthen muscles, develop flexibility, and otherwise enjoy a greater quality of senior life.  One of our NGO partners, CCIEC, jumped at the opportunity and partnered with LDSC to establish the first “recovery center”.  The Four Seasons Nursing Home, the same one President Xi Jinping visited, was the recipient of $21,000 worth of physical therapy equipment donated by LDSC.  

Some of the more able-bodied residents were chosen to come try out the equipment on opening day.
                                                                                          Elder Coffey helping a resident while another resident looks on.

This woman is in her 80's!  She is using a traction type machine -
it must have felt good because she is still smiling!
Laughter is universal - a language of it's own.

This Nursing Home Recovery Center was just the first of many throughout China. We will be partnering with CCIEC to develop these centers in the rural, poorer parts of China where good senior citizen care is not available.

At a later meeting with CCIEC, we were presented with a gift. 

This gentleman is Mr. Zhang Daocheng, CCIEC President, and also President of the Beijing Shiji Mingren Guoji Painting and Calligraphy Center.  He painted this for us while the meeting went on. The painting says - "Pure water has no fragrance." The meaning - Those who are pure seek no reward for themselves, but only to bless the lives of others.


Elder and Sister Coffey

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