Saturday, September 7, 2013

Getting Ready -When To Go?

We have always wanted to serve a mission together.  As the time has grown closer to serve, many questions arose.  How soon can we retire?  Will we have enough money?  What about medical insurance?  What is the process to filling out "the papers"?

We decided we wanted to go on a mission as soon as financially possible. After talking things over several times with our financial advisers, we discovered that if we are frugal, we can retire in the summer of 2014.  We checked the numbers over and over, planning for all kinds of possible scenarios, and spent time in prayer, fasting and going to the temple.  With that came a calm assurance that our desires are good, and Heavenly Father blessed us with a witness that our plan to go on a mission (or several) beginning next summer is acceptable before Him.  That was the first step, and an act of faith. By going on a mission next summer, Greg will be retiring early, but with the Lord's approval, we move forward with faith.  

We found out that senior couples can submit their mission papers up to 9 months before their availability date. We are looking at June 1, 2014 for our availability date, so counting backwards that puts it at September 1st of this year.  We can submit them any time! Yay!

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